To Happier Days [+ memoriesofabetterday]



Now she was laying on her stomach, legs kicking to and fro absentmindedly behind her as she waited for him to respond. Once he did, she graced her features with a slight smile, blinking slightly upon seeing the message. …Go to the Human Realm? It didn’t sound like her idea of fun, but… 

To: Shintaro

Oh, um… 

That’d be okay by me!

I’ll try and find an outfit that looks sort of natural, if I can! (*´∀`*)

Um… Pick a landmark from where you are, like the park, or something; I’ll get there soon enough! (。・//ε//・。) 

After taking several minutes to reply, she sent the message, then sighing contently. She stood, rummaging through closets and drawers in order to find the correct outfit that fit the 21st century apparel she saw nowadays. Eventually, she came to the decision of making her outfit a bit more up to date, so she began to work, and eventually came out with the following: a blouse and a skirt, followed by thigh highs and flat shoes she’d gotten while in the Human Realm. 

It was better than nothing, she supposed.

…So she really will go with him? Oh, that’s a relief. He wondered if she would’ve said no. What would he have done? He’s grateful that he doesn’t have to think about that.


Hmm… He doesn’t actually go to the park that much, so he has no idea what to tell her as a landmark. With her short time at being in the human world, she probably would have been able to remember more than he does. Again, he never really liked the outside, so he doesn’t make even a mental note of it.   

To: Natalie 

Um, how about meeting me at my house? It's easier that way...

That was a lie, no doubt. He just hoped she either bought it or felt pity for him. Sorry Natalie.

He decided to go and take a shower, as soon as he sent the message.

Reading over his message, she tried to picture it in her mind; Shintaro’s house. Biting on her lower lip, the girl had to strain herself slightly to even remember the outside of it, but she eventually got a decent understanding of what it seemed to be. 

Now came the daunting task of mentally preparing herself for this. She had to convince herself that things would go smoothly, and that she wouldn’t make mistakes— though she was almost positive that the last part was, without a doubt, inevitable. She was going to make mistakes, it was part of who she was, even if she hated to admit it; it didn’t make it any less embarrassing, though. 

To: Shintaro


I’ll be there in a few minutes. 

…I think. 

And, with that, she grabbed her bag and tucked her phone inside, then tying her hair up before she headed out the front door. Hopefully she’d land in front of his house… If not, well, she’d be a little lost. That’d put a damper on her mood. For now, she’d be happy, though— she didn’t see a reason to be unhappy, after all. Visiting friends was always fun, especially when it was someone as important as him.